Modern Radiation Therapy Technology – Regulatory Inspection and Licensing


Provide regulatory staff with technical and safety information, typical regulatory requirements and inspection and licensing techniques for managing the regulatory aspects of modern radiation therapy technology including linear accelerators.


The Modern Radiation Therapy Technology training course provides classroom presentations of the technical aspects of linear accelerators, international safety requirements, the important points to evaluate when reviewing license applications for linear accelerators and the inspection process. When possible, a visit to a linear accelerator facility under construction or an active facility is included in the course. The instructor may also provide guidance and feedback on the regulatory staff’s review of active license applications.

When requested, information on brachytherapy units, gamma knife facilities and/or cobalt-60 therapy machines will be included in the curriculum.

Regulatory Staff
Sample Agenda with Onsite InspectionSample Agenda without Onsite Inspection

Where this training has been delivered: