Regulatory Information Systems

RSRP has developed an advanced regulatory information system (ARIS) used worldwide. The system consists of several modules, namely RASOD, AUTHORIZATION, INSPECTION, LICENSEE, and NUCMAT. Additional software modules (OCCUDOSE) will cover Personnel Dosimetry.

  • RASOD Radiation Sources Database for tracking disposition of sealed, unsealed sources, associated devices and X-ray equipment – transactional database that serves as a National Registry
  • AUTHORIZATION licensing database for radioactive and nuclear materials facilities and X-ray installations
  • LICENSEE Core module with all data regarding contacts, including actual and potential users of radiation sources and facilities operating relevant regulated practices
  • INSPECTION inspections database and report generating system. It allows input, processing, tracking, and follow-up information on inspections. The system generates flexible reports which can include or exclude every parameter describing the inspection
  • NUCMAT database with capacity to manage accounting and provide reporting of nuclear material. It was developed as a general purpose tool, allowing for accounting of nuclear material at any facility, including the NPP. The simplified version 3 of NUCMAT was developed for accounting of nuclear material only at LOF (locations outside facilities), as is often the case in countries without a nuclear industry.
  • OCCUDOSES RSRP is developing a module to maintain data on professional exposure of workers at nuclear and radiation facilities.

More details about ARIS and demo versions can be found at our web site

Download the ARIS User Manual

ARIS Training Videos

Introduction to ARIS
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Licensee Module
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RASOD Module
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RASOD Report System
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Development of Reports on Different Languages View Video
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Authorization Module
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Inspection Module
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ARIS management system
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Installation Procedure
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