Industrial and Academic Multipurpose Gamma Irradiators – Safety and Regulatory Inspection


Provide regulatory staff with technical and safety information, typical regulatory requirements and inspection and licensing techniques for managing the regulatory and safety aspects of industrial and academic irradiators.


The Industrial and Academic Multipurpose Gamma Irradiators training course is customized to cover the irradiator equipment present or likely to be present in the country where the training course is presented. Classroom presentations provide information on the classification and safety and operational features of the various types of irradiators. Typical regulations and licensing and inspection approaches are covered. A visit and reviewed inspection of one or more irradiators will be scheduled as part of the course. Security aspects will be reviewed as well as past accident sequences.

Regulatory Staff
Sample Agenda with Onsite InspectionSample Agenda without Onsite Inspection

Where this training has been delivered: