Second Cycle of the University of Zambia’s Radiation Protection Postgraduate Program

December 6th, 2024 — 

An NRC delegation visited Zambia December 4-5, 2023, to assess the recently completed first cycle of the radiation protection postgraduate program at the University of Zambia (UNZA), School of Health Sciences, carried out in partnership with the NRC and Radiation Protection Authority (RPA) of Zambia. The group of students that successfully completed the training program expressed their satisfaction and acknowledged that it was a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. These students are now qualified to work as Radiation Protection Officers under Zambia’s regulatory requirements for use of radiation sources. The program coordinator received several recommendations from students and instructors and has begun implementing adjustments, as appropriate, to continue improving the quality of the training program. 

The NRC, UNZA and RPA agreed in 2022 to launch this training program to increase the number of qualified radiation protection professionals in the country [and surrounding region?]. The NRC delegation and UNZA also held detailed discussions on the practical implementation of a second cycle of the program. Additionally, the NRC delegation discussed on-going cooperation with the RPA, including new projects in the area of Public Awareness and Sources of Ionizing Radiation Inventory.