Training and Learning

Commencement Ceremony for Post-Graduate Program on Radiation Protection in Panama City, Panama
Graduation Ceremony in Panama for Master Program in Radiation Protection

Post-graduate program on radiation protection

RSRP supports Spanish language post-graduate program  on radiation protection at UDELAS university (Universidad Espializada de las Americas) in Panama City, Panama. This comprehensive program trains radiation protection officers. This 60 credit hour program runs 4 semesters over the period of 24 months. It combines classroom instruction and professional practice (see  syllabus). Night time courses are run 4-5 days per week. This evening program allows students to maintain employment while attending the school. The program is taught by domestic instructors. Select topics are covered by foreign lecturers.  Financial support is provided by the RSRP. To date the program has graduated 50 professionals all of whom found professional employment in the public (regulator) and private sector upon graduation. The program has launched the 3rd academic cycle at UDELAS in June, 2017.  

Workshops on source security

RSRP offers a workshop in area of physical protection of radiation sources. The objective of this four-day workshop is to assist the RSRP partner country stakeholders to better understand the implementation of physical protection regulations for the health, safety and security of individuals, the public and the environment. It signifies the importance of promoting a security culture in the uses of radioactive sources, establishing and maintaining the legislative and regulatory basis for effective control; training, informing and defining the risks of using such radioactive materials, and ensuring their safe and secure use. To-date the workshop was conducted in Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan , Dominican Republic,  Tunisia,  Morocco,  and Uruguay. Additional workshops are planned. 

Model inspections

RSRP supports specialized model inspections as on-the-job training of radiation protection inspectors from participating RSRP regulators. The objective of this activity is to improve inspectors’ knowledge and skill and to enhance the quality and efficiency of the regulatory inspections. Model inspections are organized by technical experts from the Czech Republic with extensive long-term experience in inspecting relevant radiation sources. Technical expert conducts a briefing prior to model inspection, acts as an observer and advisor during the inspection and evaluates trainee’s performance after the inspection. Technical expert prepares final report summarizing lessons learned with recommendations for the regulatory body.

Model inspections were conducted at diagnostic medical X-ray installations (dental, radiography, fluoroscopy, CT and mammography) in Georgia, Tajikistan and Moldova  and at radiotherapy units in Tajikistan and in Tunis. 

Training on Design and Shielding Calculation in Medical Radiological Facilities

Training is focused on the methodology to estimate the required shielding barriers for rooms hosting ionizing radiation sources and generators in order to protect the public, patients and workers. This training is based on the most recent recommendations published by the National Council on Radiation Protection & Measurements (NCRP) for shielding estimation for Diagnostic X Ray and Radiation Therapy rooms. The participants are provided with computational tools to facilitate the design of medical radiological facilities to enhance workflow and minimize exposure of patients and facility staff. Appropriate placing of x-ray units and sources in the facility is also discussed aiming to improve workflow and minimize radiation exposure.  

Countries that have received this training are: Panama, Dominican Republic, Uganda, Uruguay and Kenya.

Workshops on QC/QA of medical x-ray devices

RSRP offers workshops focused on quality control and quality assurance of medical x‐ray equipment both for regulators and user’s staff, mainly for radiation protection officers. Training program includes theory and practical exercises on quality control of imaging process, screening devices and cassettes, mammography, CT scanners, dental devices, angiographic apparatus and other x-ray equipment. Dosimetry in radiography, mammography and computed tomography is also included. To-date three workshops were conducted in Kazakhstan, each modified for different groups of participants: regulators, operators and QA/QC specialists.

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