Workshop on Evaluation of Shielding Design


Provide regulatory staff with the skills to evaluate the adequacy of the design of shielded facilities, with a primary focus on linear accelerators.


This workshop can be focused on Medical Facilities or on Industrial Facilities. The methods of calculating the necessary thickness of shielding documented in US National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) Reports 145, 147 and 151 are presented and applied to linear accelerators, diagnostic radiology devices X-Ray Dental facilities in the workshop designed for Medical Facilities. The Industrial Facilities workshop covers using similar methods for the evaluation of bunkers for industrial radiography installations, storage locations for nuclear gauges, review of existing industrial technology using ionizing radiation and radiation dose estimation in normal and emergency scenarios. Specific facilities proposed by the students are addressed and computer calculation techniques are introduced in both workshops.

Regulatory Staff, Operator Staff
Medical Facilities Sample AgendaIndustrial Facilities Sample Agenda

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