RSRP visits National Agency for Radiation Protection (ANR) of Central African Republic (CAR)

March 3rd, 2018 — 

RSRP visited ANR during February 27-March 2, 2018 to discuss the status of the development of the regulatory body and to identify regulatory priorities that can be supported by the NRC/RSRP program. Plans for a country wide inventory were discussed in detail. The discussions covered outreach to the user community, preparation for and execution of the inventory project and development of the national registry. ANR described the overall status of the regulatory program and shared the content of a development plan which includes finalization of the main Law, development of the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Regulation, development of the regulatory and technical guides, and improved processes for authorization and inspection. The plan also discusses their needs for physical infrastructure required to accomplish regulatory program objectives. The final day of the meeting was attended by the Minister of Mines and Hydrology and other dignitaries. The Minister emphasized the importance of ANR’s work to improve the safety of facility operations and the protection of the public and the environment and officially agreed to bilateral cooperation between ANR and USNRC. The parties agreed to cooperate on a pilot inventory project in the Bangui area, the completion of the Law, the regulatory guides and authorization and inspection process development. The meeting received significant interest from local news media in the form of interviews of the Minister, the ANR Director General and the RSRP representatives.

The meeting was attended by the Honorable Leopold MBOLI FATRAN (Minister of Mines and Geology of CAR) and his staff, The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, a Special Representative of the City of Banqui, Girard Guido (ANR Director General), and Herman regis Gardet, (ANR attorney), ANR regulatory staff. John Kinneman and Sergey Katsenelenbogen of AdSTM represented RSRP.