RSRP Visits Georgia

April 28th, 2017 — 

From April 25-27, RSRP visited the Agency for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Georgia to discuss the status of ongoing technical work performed under RSRP program.

Current support is focused on the update of the legal bases in radiation safety and security, and specifically on the development of the regulation for emergency preparedness and response and on the physical security of materials facilities. The Action Plan for the years 2017/2018 was discussed and will be negotiated and finalized in May, 2015. The meeting was attended by the head of the ANRS, Mr. Vasil Gedevanishvili, his deputy chair Ms. Kathia Jikuridze, ANRS staff experts and Peter Kelm, the RSRP FSU project manager of AdSTM.

The RSRP-sponsored consultancy meeting was conducted during the week of April 24. A variety of organizational and regulatory issues were discussed to assist further ANRS development. This support was provided by Mr. Albinas Mastauskas, the director of the Lithuanian Radiation Protection Centre.