RSRP Conducts Virtual Meeting with the Agency of Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Georgia

December 19th, 2020 — 

On November 19th, 2020, the US NRC Radiation Source Regulatory Partnership (RSRP) conducted a virtual meeting with the Agency of Nuclear and Radiation Safety of the Republic of Georgia (ANRS) to discuss ANRS’s regulatory activities and identify areas for future collaboration under the RSRP. Attendees at the meeting included ANRS Chairman Vasil Gedevanishivili and his staff and representatives from the US NRC and its contractor AdSTM. Extensive discussions on ANRS´s vision for future bilateral collaboration were held and several new technical projects were proposed by ANRS, including projects related to the revision of existing regulations and development of training modules on radiation safety for staff. The US NRC and AdSTM will continue to consult with ANRS about appropriate assistance for the activities discussed during the meeting.