IAEA Working Group on Management of Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources

May 15th, 2017 — 

During April 24-28, 2017, RSRP provided technical support to IAEA Project INT9182 9015, Sustaining Cradle-to-Grave Control of Radioactive Sources. Support was provided to a Work Group that consisted of three experts from Member States (Brazil, Montenegro, and Tanzania) plus three international experts (South Africa and the U.S.) in the continued development of a decision-aiding document on end-of-life management options for disused sealed radioactive sources (DSRS). The Work Group’s report includes guidance for cost-estimating techniques for DSRS end-of-life management, case studies for interim central storage of DSRS, case studies to aid borehole technology development, and other tools designed to aid Member States in conducting internal evaluations of their status in the development of a management system for DSRS. Thomas Essig of AdSTM served as one of the international experts.