Consultancy on Regulation of Modern Medical Modalities in Panama

January 27th, 2018 — 

From January 22 to January 26, 2018, a consultation under the RSRP was conducted at the Ministry of Health in Panama City, Panama. Dr. Charles Miller, Dr. Mario Rodriguez and Ms. Diana Thompson provided information and guidance to the Panamanian Regulatory Authority (RA) with the objective of strengthening their regulation of medical facilities conducting treatments of patients through the use of a LINAC or HDR brachytherapy. The consultation was a component of the action plan for Panama that is included in the RSRP Master Plan for Latin American partners. The topics covered included:

  • Licensing of Radiotherapy Facilities
  • Planning and conducting an inspection
  • Observation of an inspection carried out by the RA
  • Discussion of the expert team observations of the inspection and recommendations for improvement
  • Discussion and recommendations for overall improvement of the regulation of the subject facilities
  • Presentation by Diana Thompson on other modern emerging medical modalities 

The five days were very productive and provided the Panamanian RA a number of recommendations to improve and further develop their program.